Skate Park Support

Warner Parks and Recreation is looking for your VOTE of support at Town Meeting, March 9th, at 7PM to replace the skate park that was taken down spring 2021. The old skate park became a liability as the wood sub-structure had rotted and it was no longer safe. We had worked diligently over the years to repair and keep that structure up and available. The time finally came and we couldn’t repair it any longer.

After many resident requests to replace the skate park, we looked into the best solution with the lowest maintenance and best longevity. The proposed replacement is made of steel and comes with a 20 year warranty. The low maintenance if approved moving forward is paint, approximately every 5-7 years, which can be purchased locally. The cost of this is $108,445.75, which would be raised through taxation.

We appreciate your continued support, and PLEASE come out to VOTE at our Town Meeting.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:

Skate Park Diagram