About Us


Photo of father and child walking on a mountain
Mission Statement

The mission of the Warner Parks and Recreation Commission is to provide and enhance outdoor recreation opportunities through diverse parks and programs that conserve the our town’s natural diversity.

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  • Create welcome, safe and accessible state parks and programs responsive to changing public trends to enhance Warner’s quality of life;
  • Provide quality customer service within the limits of appropriation authority;
  • Maintain essential park facilities and programs to ensure a quality recreation experience;
  • Foster an appreciation and understanding of Warner’s natural heritage through responsible public stewardship programs on park managed lands;
  • Offer educational programs that emphasize the cultural, historical and conservation content contained within the park and recreation sites under agency management;
  • Advocate a working environment that supports open communications for all staff and volunteers;
  • Support partnerships willing to achieve goals consistent with the Department mission;
  • Establish processes that contribute to adequate and stable funding sources; emphasize the contribution to the tourism economy as supporting justification.