Come Watch a Game!


Photos of children playing sports

We are fortunate to have many great youth sporting opportunities in Warner. Between WYSA (Warner Youth Sports Association) and Kearsarge Schools, there are great opportunities year round for youth to be involved in an array of team sports.

As an active community, we believe in supporting these organizations and events as they have become a very important part of our way of life in Warner.

We want to encourage and invite all members of our community to come out and watch a ball game whenever you like. There is never a cost, and you are guaranteed to always have a great time. The kids love having people in the stands cheering them on and the way we see it, the more the merrier! Take a look at the schedules for WYSA baseball, WYSA softball, WYSA soccer and Kearsarge Wildcats schedules to find the next game that’s close by – we’d love to see some new faces out there!